PiDP-8/i running TSS/8 ONLiNE

The 'i' stands for the iNTeRNeTTe(tm)!

-= How to CONNECT =-

ssh w/ an SSH client
-or- and login as 'tss8'

Once you've connected, follow the instructions to login to TSS/8.

-= How to USE =-

Command summary and tutorial is here:

-= How to SEE =-

Sometimes on

-= How to RETRO Computing Challenge =-

(all submissions, screenshots, code and output must be sent by email to membership which is at!)
ChallengeDescriptionWinning (so far...)
LEVEL 1: Screen shot of LOGGING in and listing a DIRECTORYperon (16-Sep-20), baguette, rf, polychrome (16-Mar-21), abaffa (18-Mar-21)
papa (31-Mar-21), drelcott (31-Mar-21), zorc (03-Apr-21), rak (04-Apr-21)
winny (23-Apr-21), cumbayah (08-May-21), laemeur (08-May-21)
secretdecoder (24-Nov-21), holorose (29-Nov-21), zaphod42 (06-Jan-22)
pesco (09-Jan-22)
LEVEL 2: Screen shot of sending a message that DISPLAYS on the twitch stream!peron (16-Sep-20), baguette, rf, polychrome (16-Mar-21), abaffa (18-Mar-21)
papa (31-Mar-21), drelcott (31-Mar-21), zorc (03-Apr-21), rak (04-Apr-21)
winny (23-Apr-21), cumbayah (08-May-21), laemeur (08-May-21)
LEVEL 3: Write a BASIC program (be unique! make it your own)peron (16-Sep-20), baguette, rf, polychrome (16-Mar-21), abaffa (18-Mar-21)
drelcott (01-Apr-21), papa (04-Apr-21), rak (09-Apr-21), winny (23-Apr-21)
secretdecoder (24-Nov-21), zaphod42 (06-Jan-22), pesco (09-Jan-22)
LEVEL 4: Write a FOCAL program (be unique! make it your own)peron (16-Sep-20), polychrome (16-Mar-21), abaffa (18-Mar-21), rak (10-Apr-21)
LEVEL 5: Write a FORTRAN program (be unique! make it your own)
LEVEL 6: Gain UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS to one account and leave a GARBAGE FILErf (03-Apr-21), zorc (03-Apr-21), peron (09-Apr-21), secretdecoder (24-Nov-21)
LEVEL 7: Write a PAL8 program then assemble and execute it (You're a BOSS, HOSS!)peron (16-Sep-20), polychrome (18-Mar-21), abaffa (21-Mar-21), papa (13-Apr-21)

-= How to Documentation =-

TIME-SHARING SYSTEM TSS/8 Monitor (September 1968) DEC-T8-MRFA-D_Monitor_Sep68.pdf
BASIC-8 TIME SHARING SYSTEM TSS/8 (March 1969)DEC-T8-KJZA-D-TSS-8_BASIC_8_Programming_Manual_Mar1969.pdf
edusystem handbook (January 1973)EduSystemHandbookJan73.pdf
EDUsystem-50 USERS GUIDE (August 1975)DEC-08-E50UA-A-D_UG_Aug75.pdf

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